Melanie Mackenzie


Melanie was born and bred in the South and grew up in Cromwell in the Clyde Dam days.  After spending many years travelling and studying, she returned to Cromwell nine years ago where she lives with her partner, young child and menegarie of  animals.

She completed her Master of Audiology at Canterbury University in 2009  and has 8 years of experience as an audiologist in Central Otago.  Melanie has a broad range of skills and experience in the audiology profession and her specialialty is adult diagnostics and hearing aids.

Melanie  brings a unique perspective to hearing healthcare as she herself has a  hearing loss.  She was first diagnosed with a hearing loss when at high school, which progressed to a profound loss to the point where she needed a cochlear implant.  Melanie has had a single cochlear implant for the past 11 years and she is currently saving to privately fund a second one for her second ear.

Her own personal insight into hearing loss gives Melanie the empathy and sympathy to understand what it is truly like to live with a hearing loss, and how it has a huge impact on your life and those around you.

Melanie decided to open her own audiology clinic to offer the community a small and less corporate level of personalised hearing care.  As your local audiologist you will be seeing Melanie at every appointment and she is looking forward to helping you with the best hearing solution for your specific needs and budget.